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Artificial Intelligence

Started by reddishblue, March 20, 2023, 22:28:26

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How clever is it?

My experience of the computer world is 'put shit in you get shit out'.


It is much better than humans in some ways and still a complete dullard in many others.

Youtube still recommends me the rags manager's interviews because I watch pep's interviews and other City videos. How fucking daft can you get. You think by now it would realise that City fans hate yoonited.


If only someone could write a decent algorithm


Until AI understands sarcasm it doesn't exist IMO.


Reddish, So, if AI does not understand sacasm then it doesn't exist you say. So humans who don't understand sarcasm don't exist  by your logic., yes?


Are you pissed? If not why are you talking like a BOT.