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Ratcliffe and the 'perch'

Started by The Blue Blooded Maniac, February 24, 2024, 11:01:15

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The Blue Blooded Maniac

Lesson one: Be humble, you dick.

We want to be there – Pep Guardiola determined to keep Man City on their perch via @Onefootball. Read it here:


Quite nice of him to say that City were the best team he had ever seen against Real Madrid at the Etihad last season. As Pep says, its only the truth that they have to aim to knock us off our perch as the best. My biggest concern though isn't really what they do. It is what Pep does. As long as Pep stays with Txiki and Ferran then we'll be top dogs. It will be a hell of a job to replace him and them.

Stephen Paul

he has a hell of a job on his hands

Kilkenny Blue

City are light years head of Utd.  It'll be 5 years at least before they will even notice a difference.  In which time City will be even better.

Stephen Paul

Fernandez is by far their best player and he wouldn't make the City bench on match day


Come on now. We are still searching to replace Kalvin Phillips on the bench.