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Potters v City

Started by 93:2012, February 11, 2015, 19:46:27

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Nasri's run and goal reminds me of his arsenal days

Bit of a confidence booster this


So much better tonight. Bony and Yaya as well returning soon.


I wouldn't say completely better. First half usual problems and Mangala looks like bambi on ice still.


Yes, we got going in the second half but it could so easily have gone the other way in the first. The defence is still very concerning. Nevertheless thank fook we won  :D.

Rowley Birkin QC

To my eyes, from just before the opening goal, going forward we suddenly settled, our tempo improved, and we started to pass the ball around quickly (For once - Fernandinho letting the side down at times...) and Stoke then went onto the back foot a bit. From that point I was convinced we had some goals in us and reasonably confident we'd win it.

But - Oh! Our defending... especially in the first half.


The biggest problem seems to be at home when teams drop back and play on the break. We simply don't seem to have a plan B.


Have to sing the praises of Milner, Silva, Nasri and Aguero. Fantastic performances tonight.

Our defence is so poor we may forget any prospect of winning PL or CL.

Rowley Birkin QC

Aside from the first half defending, I am still really chuffed with last night's win. Should have been a difficult game for us based on Stoke's recent record and our current form, but we had too much talent for them in the end.

What a shame Chelsea spoilt things with fluking a win against the Toffees! Sounds like the end of that game was a joke. How can Ivanovic do this -

- and not be sent off? Was he claiming he was protecting the ref? Barry of course had just been sent off - and Ivanovic went on to play a role in Chelsea's late, late goal a couple of minutes later.

Chelsea have certainly become the new rags when it comes to influencing / harassing refs. Up there with the very best verbal assaults that Wayne, Rio, Paul and Gary used to constantly assail the officials with (and go unpunished). Very noticeable how the chavs were constantly in the ref's ear when we went to Stamford Bridge.

Can't understand why the FA haven't clamped down on this disgraceful behaviour. The rules are clear.


apparently ivanovic was biting an all

bry the guy

He who laughs last laughs the loudest hahaha